💕Did you know that you have a personal Divine support team who is always with you and just waiting for you to ask them for their help?Part of this team includes a Power Animal [or several!] Your power animal wants to help you, to work with you, to provide you guidance and support upon your journey
💕I call upon my personal power animals in different situations. I have three main ones I work with. Bear, who helps me with boundaries, helps me stand in my power, stand my ground, and protect what is most dear to me with ferocity. Wolf provides me with wisdom and protection, and I call on him if Im having trouble finding the lesson in a challenge, or if I am going to be somewhere that I feel I will need extra energetic protection. Hawk shows me the big picture, helps bring me messages from Spirit and reminds me that I am on the right path.



⭐️This offer is for you if:

-You love the idea of power animals
-You are currently struggling with something in your life and are looking for guidance
-You are looking to deepen your relationship with this part of your spirit team
-You would like some new artwork to hang in your house!



⭐️This offer includes:


A message to you from your power animal.[This could include guidance, how they can help you, or why they’re currently with you]


⭐️ AND ⭐️


A 12x12 painting of your power animal, to use as a totem, to help you deepen into your relationship with it, to meditate on, to see throughout your day and to remind you that your animal spirit is ALWAYS with you, guiding you and wanting to help you.

⭐️How it works:

I connect with your energy, and call forward the animal spirit that is with you currently. I ask for any messages or guidance to be passed along, and then I paint!

The investment for this offer is 222$ and includes shipping within Canada and the US.

To order, email Carrie@inspiredalchemy311.com