The Native Spirit Oracle Cards are full of ancient wisdom and magic. They are a POWERFUL tool and offer crisp, clear advice on any situation you find yourself in. Readings done with these cards illuminate possibilities, offer guidance, and truly support you with wherever you are at in your life at this moment in time.

Messages From Your Spirit Guides is a five card spread offering spiritual advice from Your Higher Self, Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth, Your Ancestors and Your Future Self.

All of your Spiritual Helpers gather, poised to speak to you and guide you. It’s as if you’re in the middle of a great council of all of those who love and care for you.

You can ask for their guidance pertaining to a specific question, or you can simply ask them what guidance and support they have for you in this moment-the choice is yours! Be prepared, as these cards give crystal clear answers to whatever is on your heart.

I would like to begin with Thank you! The oracle card reading with the Native Spirit Cards is amazing. It took me a little time to let it all sink in and I feel as I did when I read it but I can now put into words the tears of joy I shed.
I have always felt a connection to the ancient cultures of Indian Nations which once were stewards of the land/earth. I know now that I also am a steward of the earth and your reading gives me the encouragement to continue. It has given me hope that I will continue to learn and grow. My adventure in this thing called life has a purpose beyond what I could have imagined. This reading has come with divine timing as all your messages do for me.
You have also confirmed for me the presence of my spiritual guides and that I need to continue with even more fervor and discipline as I work to become the healer I am meant to be.
It is time to reconnect with my ancestors and take my place in the light. Fearing less, trusting more, and living my true life. Again I weep tears of joy because all that I have always known and all that I understand, all that I have always been guided to since I was a child is exactly where I am meant to be. Society’s rules have been such heavy chains but I have broken free and I will take all the lessons to teach love.
I just wrote from my heart and soul. My gratitude is overflowing for the opportunity to participate in this offer you have given me. You are so magical and I can feel your connection, I believe this is why I was drawn to you. Earth/animal fairy is how I describe you. And I end with thank you!
Min Soo Pata





Messages from Your Spirit Guides readings are an investment of 55$.

Your reading will be emailed to you in PDF format, within one week of purchase, to the Paypal email included. If you wish to have it emailed to a different address, simply let me know at

If you have a specific question, make sure to include it in the notes to seller section when paying, otherwise the reading will be done as general guidance.

Growing up and always having to carry my own weight due to lack of familial support caused me develop the habit of always wanting to go at it alone. I seldom ask others for help because I subconsciously feel like ‘I am being a bother’. This belief has been embedded in me due to my negative experiences where I would have felt like I always had to beg for help. Joining Carrie’s Facebook group however has allowed me the opportunity to revamp that belief in so many ways. One of those ways was through her beautiful ‘Messages from your spirit guides’ offer. With all that is going on in my life at present, this reading reminded me in such a timely fashion that my spirit guides are always there to support and guide me and that all I need to do is to simply request their help. This reading resonated with me so beautifully in that the messages reminded me of my power, especially my feminine power which at times I tend to undervalue its potency. Simply put, this reading was divine, magical, and definitely, it was spot on! It made me feel empowered, loved, guided, and supported. A weight lifted off my shoulders when I realized that: “No, I don’t have to go at it alone, I have support both in the seen and unseen world and I need not hesitate to ask them for guidance”. Carrie, I am so thankful for being the liaison for my spirit guides to bring forth a message of hope to someone like me who is tired of bearing all the burdens alone. Lately, I found myself calling on my spirit guides and omg I am astonished at how quick they help me. This reading has helped changed my world.”

Collette G.

Carrie did a great job of putting together messages from my spirit guides to help give me confirmation and direction. This is something I can go back to and reread and take in all if its goodness over and over again. It really helped to gain a new higher alignment perspective. Thank you SO much Carrie!!

Christine A.