Intuitive Mentorship

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who could understand? Are your friends and family not spiritually minded? Do you feel like no one understands this “new way” of thinking you’re having? Are you going through a challenge and having a hard time finding the lesson within it? Are you frustrated, upset, overwhelmed and looking for someone who will listen and cut through the bullshit.? Are you telling yourself you don’t matter, that you should put everyone else ahead of yourself? Do you struggle with boundaries in your life? Do you just need some advice, or some clear guidance from spirit as to what is next on your path.

Where do I go?

What do I do?

What does this mean?

How can i improve this or that?

Then an intuitive mentorship session may be for you!

-Are you yearning for feelings of freedom, feelings of being enough, a positive more joyful life, clear energy or are needing tools to help you transform your life?

-Are you struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, doubt, low self esteem or self worth?

-Do you want to feel like you are ENOUGH?

-Do you have troubles with taking on other people’s emotions/feelings/energy and keeping your own energy field clear?

-Do you wish to have a higher sense of self worth, and a higher self esteem?

-Are you looking for someone to teach you how to clear your energy, someone to help facilitate the healing of past wounds, a listening ear, guidance and support?

-Do you desire to have techniques to help you move through your daily life with more joy and ease?

-Do you want a clearer vision of your life and how it has happened FOR you and not TO you?

-Are you on a spiritual path?

-Are you struggling with how to keep your energy clear and high vibe, move past painful experiences, forgive, and feel better about yourself?

Then I want to work with you!

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I want to alchemize my life!

I was at a point in my life where I felt like I desperately needed a mentor; someone I could be open with and also someone who would be skilled enough to provide guidance through my new found spiritual Path. After seeing a few posts from Carrie regarding her intuitive work with the “medicine of animals” and how she’d lovingly provide guidance in the comment section, I felt drawn to her. So I personally took it upon myself to approach Carrie to propose a mentorship program (How bold and brave of me) to her and to my surprise, she accepted (yay!). During our month together, Carrie was very supportive and she provided really tailored, intuitive guidance to help me with particular situations that I was facing/am still facing. I could tell that she was listening to me and genuinely invested in my growth based on how she’d follow up when we met online. In addition to that, she was very accommodating; our meetings were schedule to suit my availability and she was very flexible and understanding at times where I had to reschedule. The fact that she had both face-to-face video and Facebook messaging meetings was very effective for me as I was able to let go and be myself more via the video chats. All in all, the experience was lovely. I would recommend anyone to work with Carrie, especially people who need clarity in their lives and someone to support them through their spiritual journey. Carrie is very knowledgeable, intuitive, down-to-earth, authentic, open, and most importantly, heart-centred.

Colleen Gordon