Energy Healing-88$

Each session starts out with a scan of your energy field. A full reiki session is done throughout, and the rest is guided by spirit. Your session may include chakra clearing, aura cleansing, cord cutting, or other shamanic techniques.

I connect with your energy and your guides and angels, and am guided by them to conduct the healing that your spirit most needs at the time.

After a session you may feel lighter, more joyful, clearer of mind and body, more peaceful and calm. You will have more ease in going through your day, and you may feel a sense of letting go or deep release.

I often get messages from Spirit throughout a session and these will be provided to you if you are open to them.

Because all sessions are done at a distance, you don’t necessarily have to set aside the time for your appointment. They could happen while you’re going about your day. However you may feel a deeper connection and a deeper healing if you are able to lay down and meditate/relax whilst receiving your healing. Sessions typically take between 45-60 minutes.

After your healing is complete you can expect an emailed report within the next 24 hours.

It is recommended that you do not consume any alcohol or mind altering drugs [unless prescribed by a doctor] prior or immediately following your session. It is also important to note that you may have a physical release following a session. This could include a mild headache, mild cold type symptoms, feeling very tired [in which case you should rest if you are able]. It is also important to drink lots of water following a session as this will help your body release anything that have been cleared. It is also possible that you have an emotional release during or following a session, this could be mild feelings of sadness or lots and lots of crying. Anything that happens afterwards is exactly what you need and it is recommended to let it flow. If you have any concerns please feel free to email me, and know that your email will be responded to within 8-24 hours during business hours or immediately following a weekend.

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Please fill out the questionnaire and sign the release and liability waiver sent to you upon booking, prior to your session.