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I believe that we all have the power within us to heal and change our lives. We are all able to find the lessons in our pain and struggles and use them to transform our lives. Events in our lives happen FOR us and not TO us, to learn, to grow, to become better than the person we were yesterday, to live a life filled with JOY and HAPPINESS.
True alchemy comes from within. An alchemist is one who turns everything into love. When you begin to love yourself more and heal and change the feelings, the limiting beliefs, the blocks on the inside, it creates an outer alchemy as well, thus changing your world as you know it.
Self love, self care, proper boundaries and deep healing on all levels are at the core of self transformation. We need to realign ourselves with our own heart and soul in order to move forward into a life of happiness and joy.
You are WORTHY of living a life of joy and happiness regardless of the past. Regardless of what you have done or haven’t done, said or haven’t said. Every single day you wake up you are given the chance to do better, to be better than you were yesterday.
There are times in our lives when we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, when we may be able to see it but have no idea how to get there. This is where getting support, guidance and someone to help you facilitate your own healing can be extremely beneficial. Its not easy to go at change alone, and you truly are never alone. with the Divine by your side.
It is my mission to help those who can see the light, but need help lighting it up themselves, through healing, divine guidance, support and love.
Love and Light


“Grounding is SO important to leading a balanced life. It is the act of connecting your energy to the energy of Mother Earth. It is a vital step in all spiritual work, and has many benefits as a daily practice. To learn more about grounding, I invite you to download my free e-book, Grounding-The What’s, Why’s and How’s.”


“Carrie is a very kind hearted person with a true passion for helping others. She is truly gifted in her abilities and knowledgeable in helping you find the solution needed, empowering you through enlightenment to live and enjoy the best of what life has to offer. She is extremely intuitive, has a lot of wisdom and is able to see what may be overlooked in giving you direction and guidance. Carrie is an energy healer and has a soft touch that is amazing. I highly recommend you contact Carrie for her intuitive guidance, energy healing and help with whatever you may need spiritually.”

Kelly Strickland